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AAP Apology for Racism
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A Plan of Safe Care must be developed for all infants affected by prenatal drug or fetal alcohol exposure in order to support mothers, infants and their families per federal [1] and state requirements. A Plan of Safe Care is a critical tool - not only for every infant born exposed to prenatal substance exposure but for all mothers and their infants. Developed collaboratively with the mother, a Plan of Safe Care coordinates existing supports and referrals to new services to help infants and families stay supported and connected when they leave the hospital.

To the NH Academy of Family Physicians and the NH Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics,
During these unprecedented times of COIVID-19 Emergency, we would like to remind you that the NH Title V program at the Bureau of Family Centered Services, Special Medical Services, remains available to help support you and your practice. We recognize that during the current pandemic, your office may be operating with fewer staff than usual and our Bureau may be of assistance to you. Our program works with NH residents, 0-21 years old having chronic medical issues and special health care needs. So as you reach out to care for your patients and families, please know that our staff of health care coordinators are ready to work with you, answer questions and assist with the difficulties of finding resources for children with special health care needs. Our coordinator staff includes nurses, social workers and educators who are accustomed to navigating health care systems including working with MCO's, insurance companies and obtaining prior authorizations.
So during these unsettling days, and in the future, please do not hesitate to call our Bureau at 603-271-4488.
We wish you all safety, moments of calmness, good health and reassurance that you and your efforts to care for so many are greatly appreciated.

COVID-19 Updates

NH AAP Members,
Here are 3 new resources we've been working on through the national AAP: a COVID discussion/resource board around PPE, telehealth, newborn nursery care and other patient care issues:
Click here.
And a list of webinars for practice management issues:
Click here.
and finally an overview COVID Updates Page for AAP services:
Click here.
I know these are really challenging times for us all, from PICUs to small practices struggling to care for our families who are trying to stay at home. We are advocating for PPE, telehealth resources and reimbursement, and paid family leave among other issues dear to our kids and us.
Please let us know at the NH AAP Chapter how else we can help you, and we will do our best. Thank you for caring for NH kids and NH families. Don't forget to take care of yourselves, too!
With gratitude,
Steve Chapman
NH AAP Immediate Past Chapter President

COVID-19 Resources

Information about COVID-19
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Coronavirus Resources
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Family Well-Being Guide COVID-19
Telehealth Guidance
Kids Tech for Mental Health
Coping Skills and Mindfulness
      - Joshua Bradley, Psy.D. , Director of Behavioral Health, Tri-Area Community Health, Laurel Folks, VA
I Have a Question about Coronavirus Book
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