Chapter President
Erik Shessler, MD
Chapter Vice President
Christine Arsnow, MD
Members At Large (2020)
Lisa DiBrigida, MD
Wendy Gladstone, MD
Tessa Lafortune Greenberg, MD
Eleanor Maguire, APRN
Brian Beals, MD
Skip Small, MD
Terry Ohlson-Martin
Immediate Past President
Steve Chapman, MD
Ashley Lamb, MD
Patricia Edwards, MD

Champion List

Mary O'Connor, MD, MPH, FAAP
Newsletter Editor
Chapter Breastfeeding Coordinator
Susanne Tanski, MD, MPH, FAAP
Chapter CATCH Facilitators
Patricia Edwards, MD
Chapter Immunization Representatives
Steven Chapman, MD, FAAP
Chapter Oral Health Advocates
Patricia Sargent, DO
Chapter Oral Health Advocates
Thomas Bisett, MD, FAAP
EHDI Chapter Champions

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